Gender Inequality


Gender equality is not only a human right, but it is a tool for eradicating poverty and improving the lives of the current and future generations. Gender inequality affects both men and women and the rules about how boys and girls should be starts in childhood and progress to adulthood. People experience inequality differently. Inequality is not only widespread in the U.S. but also a tenacious and devastating violation against human rights. This obstacle cuts across all generations, spheres, and communities in the United States irrespective of disability, ethnicity, background or age. At the moment, equality is yet to be achieved in the LGBT community, in girls and women of color, in people suffering from disabilities, and still, there is gender inequality. There are two forms of inequality; inequality between groups and inequality between subgroups. It is close to impossible eradicating the 54 most pressing issues without achieving equality. We have a priority of accomplishing our goals by 2024; hence, it is

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