Justine Skye

A Highly Ambitious Artist With a Promising Future

She notched two million YouTube views from a cover she did on Drakes single, Headlines. She got a major record label deal and sold out at her first headlining show before age twenty.

Justine Skye possesses prowess and enthusiasm that has brought her enviable recognition. She jails from Brooklyn, NewYork.

Although not outspoken in the beginning, Justine unlocked her star potential with a soulful rendition ofSam Sparros hitsingle, Black and Gold.  She sparked admiration from her audience with a memorable sound and unparalleled breath of fresh talent.

Justines fame spread like wildfire owing to her YouTube videos and stage performance. In almost an instant, the internet sensation released her debut Extended Play, Everyday Living.

The EP was like her major introduction to the world. Justine is a talented beauty who first dropped impressively expressive feel-good music centered around teenage life. Her first Extended Play has themes like late nights, chilling out with her homegirls, boys and brushing off the haters. The project succeeded, striking a chord and generating her fan base.

Since making her debut in music, Justine has found acknowledgement from The Fader and VIBE, why recognize get as a powerful influencer in the industry.

She has taken part in numerous studio sessions with top producers and songwriters. Justine unleashed more of her admirable mystique on the world with a project, Emotionally Unavailable.

The 22 year old artiste has evolved personally and musically, transitioning from adolescence to young adult and expanding her musical horizons.

Justine has proved herself to be a mainstay, staying on the lead with her new groove, and Sky is the Limit moniker.

At age sixteen she quit a performer arts high school and opted for home schooling, hoping to pursue a career singing career.

When recording her early demos,Justine poured her time and energy into her Tumblr page where her purple dyed hair, brightly colored lipstick and cool personality earned her thousands of notes and an enormous following. On this social media platform, Justine nurtured her significant personal brand as The Purple Unicorn.

She became an approachable artiste who was all-rounded. Justine started introducing her downtempo Rhythm and Blues music to an attentive audience in her Tumblr page.

By age nineteen, Justine Skye was already causing a buzz when the strength of her songs cultivated a powerful online presence.

She dropped the single Collide featuring Tyga. The single further shows off her great vocals.

She is a singer, model and actress. Last year, Justine dropped a new Extended Play, 8 Ounces.

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