Amandla Stenberg

An Epitome of Black Girl Magic

At the age of eighteen, Amandla exerts an uncommon, discerning on-screen force that is changing the film industry in a great way. Amandla has played one riveting role after another.Each character that she brings into life is influenced by her undeniable talent.

Away from the screen, Amandla is effectively bringing visibility to the unseen through her work with the ArtHoe Collective. The collective is led by teens and young adults who do not conform to gender and are ambitious to create space for queer artists of color.

Amandla is a romantic leading lady, a dystopian hero, a Tumblr icon, a comic creator and an aspiring film director. She does not have a pop or mainstream mentality she believes in the power of infiltrating big movies that show the world how diverse and beautiful the black community is.
She has succeeded in Hollywood, which has traditionally been white dominated. Without effort, Amandla consistently walks in authenticity in a way that motivates others.

The MS. Foundation named her its Feminist Celebrity of 2015. Time Magazine named her a most Influential Teen in 2015 and 2016.
Amandla co-authored a comic book series, Niobe: She is Life, which features a black female character. She has two new upcoming films Everything, Everything, a romantic drama, and Where Hands Touch, a World War II drama. Both projects are about interracial relationships.

Amandla booked her first movie, Colombiana, while in sixth grade, playing the child version of Zoe Saldanas character. A year later, having read The Hunger Games and learning there was a film adaptation in progress, she contacted the casting agent. Her acting breakthrough came with her role as Rue in Hunger Games. She later voiced Bia in the 2014 animated film Rio 2. In season one of Sleepy Hollow, she held a recurring role.

Amandla is a budding singer who dropped her debut single that is a cover of Mac Senators single Let My Baby Stay.
She is courageous and not afraid to point out the existence of racism within white culture. She has additionally spoken about the invisibility of black women in mainstream entertainment. Amandla has used the power of her voice and social media to speak about feminism and black culture.

She is a social commentator who became an internet phenomenon after her video Dont Cash Crop My Cornrows went viral. She spoke about how America would be if they loved black people as much as they loved black culture. She is outspoken about her political views in interviews and social media.
The British Dazed Magazine named Amandlathe most incendiary voice of her generation and featured her in its Autumn 2015 cover.

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