Willow Smith

An Inspirational Gifted Artist and Fashion Muse

Willow Smith is a chart-topping artist with a bold sense of style, something that landed her a spot as the face of Chanel a year ago.She is an actress and dancer as well.
Willow embarked on her music career in 2010, releasing the single Whip My Hair. The video was nominated for Video of the Year at the BET Awards in 2011. Her debut album, ARDIPITHECUS, was dropped in 2015.

She ventured into acting in the film I Am Legend. Willow had subsequent roles in other films like Madagascar: Escape to Africa and Kit Kittredge: An American Girl.
She and her brothers are current youth ambassadors for Project Zambia. The project provides support for Zambian children orphaned by AIDS.
Willow has mentioned the unfortunate lack of female representation in male-dominated fields. She is a self-proclaimed STEM fanatic, with her sights focused on deepening connections in the science community and possibly attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology someday.

She does not conform to norms. She is a teen who exudes many things, none of which are tied to conformity. She is a Hollywood star, a musical artist and a science whiz. She is a style icon in the making.
Willow does not mind the labels that have been hurled at her by other people. She is likable and unaffected by the teenage predicament of fitting in. She focuses on the bigger picture.
She is talented on-screen, with the self-possession and grace of a supermodel. Her dancing ability is admirable.

Willow possesses an adorably delightful creativity evident in her work. She is an intellectual who is enthusiastic about topics like nanoscience, civil engineering and microbiology. Her favorite interests are changing perceptions about girls and women of color in fields where they are underrepresented. She does not categorize herself as this may feel restrictive.

Willow engages in sewing clothing, hosting underground lectures in quantum mechanics and studies how to produce songs from mathematical equations. She is definitely an empowered young lady.
She has found herself and is able to shift roles easily, pushing past boundaries. She is a talented artist who has performed in The Queen Latifah Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show among others.
Willow has won a number of awards like Outstanding New Artist, Best Performance in a Feature Film and Best New Artist.
She is an ambitious young star who can only become more phenomenal with time.

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