Whitney White

An Adorable Trendsetter InNurturing and Embracing Natural Hair.

Whitney White, born on December 23 1985, is an American graphic designer, blogger, YouTube star and natural hair expert.

Whitney White got famous on YouTube for her natural hair care videos. Hermajor channel has over 850 thousand subscribers and over 83 million views. She uploaded her first YouTube video in 2009 and has since lured millions of followers.

Whitney has helped influence a notable shift in the hair care industry. She started documenting her hair journey at a time when YouTubers were not paid and natural hair lovers did not receive that much attention. Her first videos sparked the growth of a game-changing career.

Whitney went back to her natural hair roots in college, when she could no longer handle a cumbersome relaxer routine.

While uploading her first video, there were few resources with information regarding natural hair, including her own curly type. Whitney found it hard to find experts who had or knew about her hair type.

She would later become the change she longed to see and as a result, launched her YouTube channel, Naptural85. Whitney then shared what she had learned after many trials. She set a trend known as the natural hair movement.

Whitney has been described by Business Insider as a driving force behind a drastic shift in black hair.In the past two years, the sales of hair relaxers have gone down while natural hair products have become immensely popular.

Vloggers like Whitney White have contributed to the recognition of natural black hair. Many women have turned to the internet for guidance on hair care. The internet, especially social media, has become a mainstream destination for those who treasure curated interests. They look up to real life stars who share similar issues and offer beneficial advice.

Whitney White has revealed her top secrets to great natural hair. She has partnered with some big brands like LOrealsCarols Daughter. She has been featured many media sites and publications like Glamour Magazine, Essence Magazine, Essence.com, Ebony.com, Cosmopolitan.com among others.

Whitney made natural hair videos due to her passion for her hair, although YouTube was not monetized by the time she started.

When taking on sponsored deals, Whitney ensures transparency and authenticity to the product that she likes. She does not promote anything she wouldnt personally buy.

Whitneys career, as well as her hair, has blossomed over time. She is a beauty guru who teaches about co-washing and twist-outs. Her awesome persona is evident in her frequent vlogs. She combines good vibes and a bouncy flair in her viral posts Whitney White is one of the pioneers of natural hair care and ethnic beauty space. She has enabled women of color to feel comfortable and accept their natural hair.

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