Recidicon II


You can win your Battle Against Recidivism! Are you an ex-offender re-entering life in your community? Do you have goals, but no real plan to reach them? If so, then this second book in the Recidicon series for you. Recidicon by Malcolm Allen guides you to success with a compelling and realistic four-week blueprint for success in determining your own life story along with seven compelling reasons why going back to prison is not a viable option. Within the pages of this unique book, you will discover The EMERGE System, a 7-step program designed to unleash the inspiration within you, and use that inspiration to fuel success and prosperity in your life. You will enjoy the 30 byte-sized nuggets of inspiration and self-development. There is one for each day of the month, and each one is a prequel to the next. This process offers relatable stories, top-notch research, proven tactics, and thought-provoking guidelines that build on your previous day’s understanding. Recidicon delivers bold, fresh, scientific research, and a compelling step-by-step method to design and execute your journey to personal fulfillment. You will never want to go back. Hard-hitting, strategic, and extremely practical, Recidicon II is the ultimate solution for communities with unacceptably high recidivism rates. It’s a template for leveraging storytelling as a vehicle to craft your narrative and find your path. This compelling read is a must for ex-offenders with an ambition to re-invent themselves and become a better person with a brighter future.